Project Description

Building A Legacy

The Goal Isn’t To Live Forever. The Goal Is To Create Something That Will.

Legacy Concierge

Legacy Concierge has been a unique project, as there was a lot of tech behind the entity. The immediate goal from the beginning was messaging, messaging, messaging. When poised the question, how can we effectively reach our targeted audience and convert them to clients? The answer always was messaging.

This help to steer the project and it began redoing their current website as it was not informative enough and/ or engaging. We decided it was best to go the route of a funnel as we could then manipulate our campaigns to effectively speak to and reach each target.


  • Website Development

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing

  • Digital Campaigning

Web Design
Print Materials


With the development of the new website and content, the messaging became clearer and clearer and has slowly been gaining some attention. We are now onto the second phase of this contract where we are revving up an email campaign to reach the targets and drive traffic.