Project Description

Lead By Example

Learn. Lead. Grow.

Lead Your City

Lead Your City was developed to encourage and grow small business owners and entrepreneurs to become leaders within their own specified field. The board at Lead Your City, came to us with nothing, but a concept. We were commissioned to aid in the strategy and development of the entity. We created the brand, content and website while overseeing the social media and implementing the online sales strategy.

As this project advanced, Lead Your City grew in size with members and reputable event partners. Ten Four has been guiding them through every step of the way and very proud to support their initiative and vision. Although, we unfortunately weren’t able to attend their first event, it went on to be a great success.



  • Branding

  • Website Development

  • Content Marketing

  • Event Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Digital Campaign

    Digital Campaign


  • Print Design Services

Web Design
Print Materials


We are very excited to see the natural progression of Lead Your City and its events. They have effectively focused in on and reached their audience which is only grow that much more over time.